FoamInstall - Providing the best in Foam Insulation

When installed savings of up to 50% on energy bills

keeping you warm for less

Increasing the EPC value of your home

and the value of the property

Increasing the value of your property

commercial or domestic

Providing an air, thermal and vapour barrier

improving the comfort of your living and working space

FoamInstall – Foam Insulation

FoamInstall provide the best in foam insulation products, we are based in Bournemouth, Dorset, operating nationwide and we are a company built on the latest technology in foam insulation. We pride ourselves on the products and services we provide, enabling customers to save on monthly heating bills paying for the product many times over during the life cycle of the product. Using both open and closed cell foam insulation technologies FoamInstall can insulate attics of all shapes and sizes sealing the home against moisture, air and heat producing a higher level of comfort in the home.

Invest in your property.

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Benefits of using Foam Insulation

Up to 50% saving on monthly heating bills

Increases the value of your property

Increases the EPC rating of your home

Provides an air seal, improving air quality

Reduces airborne noise pollution

Allows for removal of fibreglass irritants

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Time for Change

With energy bills expected to rise another 5% in 2017 following an upward trend of increasing heating bills now is the time to consider more than just changing provider to reduce bills. Other options are out there providing affordable proven methods to reduce bills as well as being a green and ecologically friendly method to do so, something that is key in today’s market.

FoamInstall have over 60 years of combined experience in building, construction and foam installation. With this background we bring vast amounts of knowledge forward when providing foam insulation to the market. Having worked with many other insulation technologies we can say with certainty that foam insulation is the best on the market for meeting the expectations of today’s consumers.


Lapolla Industries Inc are a Texas based leading global supplier of state of the art spray foam insulation technology. With coverage across more than 40 countries and with over 30 year experience, Lapolla Industries are unmatched in their services and products.

Having established themselves in the US, the products have now been brought to the UK as a mature and proven product. With continual improvement on top of what has already been learned in the US market we at FoamInstall are pleased to be bringing you this product in the UK market.

With a choice of open and closed cell foam insulation, all BBA certified, to be installed by trained and licensed installers by Lapolla Industries your property could be saving up to 50% on its energy bills if you choose to insulate your home today.

Lapolla accreditation

Why Lapolla?

FoamInstall have chosen Lapolla as its provider of foam insulation due to the superior quality of the product. There are a number of products on the market but Lapolla is the leading product in the UK. It holds more BBA accreditation than its counterparts and in our experience consistently performs better.

Lapolla are constantly pushing the technology and improving the products they develop. Recently releasing the 4th generation of foam spray insulation. Improving R-Value by 10%, yield from 8% to 10% and reducing the ozone depletion potential by 100% to down to zero.

This is why FoamInstall are happy to be working with and alongside Lapolla in supplying these products to the UK population.

In the home, foam spray can be applied in attics to improve energy bills, provide a better storage environment and even to enable the attic to become a habitable environment. Check our services for domestic options available to you from FoamInstall.

Commercial Warehouse Spray Foam Insulation

As a business owner many challenges are faced on a day to day basis, reducing overheads while maintaining and even increasing productivity is one of those. FoamInstall offer solutions to your energy bills and employee comfort in one solution.

When it comes to saving money on an industrial scale, whether you’re the owner of a large warehouse that needs to be maintained at a certain temperature, or you’re the farm owner responsible for livestock being supplied to companies. FoamInstall have a solution for you.

Commercial Warehouse Spray Foam Insulation

If you’re the owner of a long boat, canal boat or maybe a yacht you will have made consideration towards insulation, but with so many different avenues to go down and choices to make you might not have come to a conclusion yet. Let FoamInstall help you make a decision.

Check our Testimonials

Our home was so cold and our heating bills were incredibly high. We tried to contact many spray foam insulation company’s and only FoamInstall provided the high quality service we required.

Mr and Mrs Chambers

Bournemouth, Dorset

House prices are so volatile and random so rather than move I decided to invest in my property and insulate to improve my R Value. Spray Foam Insulation was perfect for this!

Mr Steele

Poole, Dorset

Excellent service from all the staff we spoke too, all very knowledgeable on the products. This was very reassuring when coming to choosing FoamInstall to install our new insulation.

Mr and Mrs Little

Fareham, Dorset

We use our attic space for storage and wanted to extend its use and put an office up there for working from home. We needed some insulation putting in so as we could work comfortably up there. After going with FoamInstall and with some useful advice from them we ended up not only having a really comfortable office environment but we also found we saved on our energy bills.

Mr and Mrs Robertson

Plymouth, Devon

We have a large property and have been looking for ways to bring down the cost of heating. After changing energy providers a few times we started looking into other ways to do this. Looking around we found FoamInstall, we spoke to the experts there and they suggested that we go with foam insulation. After having this installed we immediately noticed a change even in our large property. This was one of the best decisions we made both improving our home and bringing down our current costs.

Mr and Mrs Fuller

Bath, Somerset

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