Agricultural Building Foam Insulation


Spray foam insulation is the ideal insulation for agricultural buildings. It adheres to all the common materials used in the construction of agricultural buildings including aluminium, steel, tin, asbestos, fibre cement, brick, concrete and stone.

Whether your building is used for the storage of farm machinery, crops or animal feed, is used as a workshop or for housing livestock whatever the animal, spray foam insulation is often the best value, quickest, and most efficient way to insulate your building and add a vapour control layer which will also reduce condensation.

Spray foam insulation in farm and agricultural buildings will reduce heat loss, stabilise temperatures and act as a vapour barrier and can be installed in as little as one day.

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Reduce Heat Loss

Spray foam insulation applied to the walls and roof of agricultural buildings will of course stabalise the internal temperature. The main benefit of which is reduced heat loss which brings with it savings on the cost of heating.

Eliminate Condensation

The vapour barrier properties of spray foam insulation will help eliminate condensation. Should you use your agricultural building for the storage of tools or machinery then this will prolong the life of these expensive business assets.

Protect Crops and Animal Feed

Eliminating condensation and keeping the area warmer may also prevent the spoilage of feed or crops caused by the growth of undesirable molds and bacteria which thrive in damp conditions.

Lower Livestock Food Consumption

Warm livestock eat less, so the cost saving on the heating will also have the benefit of reducing your feed costs.

Resistant to Vermin

Spray foam insulation is vermin resistant, ideal for agricultural buildings where vermin will provide numerous issues for the operator, particularly if the building is used for the storage of feed or crop.  Mice and rats have been known to chew through electrical wires, fiberglass insulation, and rigid foam insulation. But generally vermin have no attraction to spray foam insulation as it doesn’t appeal as a food source and is much harder work to penetrate.

Structural Improvement

In addition to the many benefits of foam insulation, the products we offer can provide structural support to your agricultural building. This is ideal for older properties with weakened structures and it will also new properties as well. Closed cell spray foam insulation will also help reduce movement of the agricultural structure’s roof.

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Industrial spray foam insulation
Industrial spray foam insulation