The average cost of spray foam insulation installation varies greatly depending on type and thickness of spray foam. Normally the cost of spray foam is calculated in square metres.

Average Industry Cost

Open cell spray foam is the cheaper of the two. Open cell spray foam insulation usually costs between £40-£70 per square metre. Whereas the more expensive and more effective closed cell spray foam costs £50-£90 per square metre. These are industry averages from our own research and customer feedback.

The FoamInstall Cost of Spray Foam Insulation

Costs will vary based on the thickness of the foam being installed, a thicker covering will mean a higher cost. FoamInstall offer a number of incentives to try and help keep these costs down.

“FoamInstall spray foam insulation quotes are lower than industry average”

Please note that the costs quoted above are industry averages correct as of 2019. However FoamInstall are often able to provide quotes for spray foam insulation installation at rates better than these industry averages. We keep our costs down by quoting based on your own measurements. Or against a previously supplied quote.

This also means we won’t ever send out a salesman to give you the hard sell. Our price is the best price. If we need to send a surveyor to you they are simply that, a surveyor.

False Economies

Then your next question is “open or closed cell?”. If you click here we have already written an article about the differences between the two. But in a nutshell closed cell is most often the better option. Especially since it is almost twice as efficient (versus the same thickness of open cell spray foam), and is also breathable and hydrophobic.

Then there is the DIY option. People who consider the DIY kits under-estimate the difficulty of installation, the true cost and the dangers that follow.

A lot of gases are released which can be harmful to the applicator (often the homeowner themselves) if not wearing the correct PPE. The correct PPE is expensive, and incorrect application by inexperienced sprayers will lead to overuse of the foam pushing the cost of the project beyond that estimated.

It always worth the extra money to get in a spray foam instillation professional. This way the job can be done to a high standard and no gaps will be missed. This will make the insulation process more efficient and more effective. Give us here at FoamInstall a call now on 0800 020 9132 for a FREE no obligation quote.

Article Originally Published on: 16 Aug 2016
Article Updated on: 26 Jun 2019