Spray Foam Insulation Training Courses

Spray Foam Insulation Training Courses

FoamInstall provide spray foam insulation training courses. These courses are designed so that you can get an introduction to what spray foam insulation is and how to do it right through to fully detailed comprehensive courses that will take you through all of the equipment, stripping it down and what to be looking out for before and during spraying.

Our courses cover both of the requirements to run a spray foam insulation rig, both a labourer and a sprayer are needed to run an effective rig. Through FoamInstall training courses both the labourer and the sprayer can be effectively trained such that when you leave the training course you will have all of the knowledge available to you to undertake a spray foam insulation installation.


The curriculum covers a wide range of items including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Application and workmanship
  • Basic House Structure and Spray Foam Application
  • Equipment Overview
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Hands On with the Gun and Transfer Pumps
  • Hands On Spraying

High Standards

FoamInstall take pride in all the work we do, from the customer meet and greet through to the finish of the work we do. You will see below 3 photos below from one job, this demonstrates exactly what we do with our preparation work and the finish that will come out. We will train to these same high standards that we hold ourselves to.


The theory section involves working through a number of items. We will work through with you from the very basics on what foam spray insulation is, how it works and why it is such a beneficial factor for customers to have. We will also work through with you what you will expect to see in the van, the equipment and the tools you would be expected to carry for any eventuality.

Further to the basics you as a sprayer would also need to know and understand your equipment, we would work through with you stripping down of parts of equipment for cleaning and repair, what parts are likely to need repairs and problems you can expect to arise. We will do our best to enable you to troubleshoot any issues that should arise so that when you are on the road these problems are not unknowns and you can complete jobs on time and to the best standards.


The practical section involves on the job training. You will be attending installations with one of our sprayer and labourer teams. They will guide you through what to do when arriving at an installation.

Whether you are training as a labourer or a sprayer you will start with the basics and build up from there, working with the labourer going over all the preparation work and assisting with this. When the preparation is done you will work with the sprayer to go over equipment preparation and spraying. You will also work with them doing the tear down and tidy up. This will enable you to see the entire process end to end on a customer installation.

On the job training provides invaluable experience that cannot be gained in a classroom environment as it exposes you to different customers, customer properties and potential down falls that can occur on the job itself.


Our review period is so that any questions that have arisen from the theory or on the job training can be answered, any items that need to be revisited can be and review the performance and any areas that could be improved upon. We will then provide any sprayer or labourer that has completed the course a certificate detailing what has been undertaken and that you have passed to our standards.

Industry Knowledge

FoamInstall have the best knowledge in market about foam insulation products and services. We are also backed by the UK #1 supplier of foam insulation Lapolla, because of this we provide the best service for foam insulation in the UK market.


We can install into a wide and varied range of applications; domestic, commercial, industrial and marine. Contact us with your project and we can provide advice on how to approach it and what the best product to use is.

Product Guarantee

Our product has the longest guarantee that can be applied to a product in the UK market. A 25 year guarantee. While in the US where the product originates a lifetime guarantee is supplied, consequently we have the utmost faith in our product.

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