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While reading more into spray foam insulation (since we love it so much) we have found many ways in which people across the world are using it for projects a little outside of what it is normally used for. Traditionally foam insulation has been used for insulating homes, in the roof, floors or walls. However, we have compiled a list below of some of the things that we have seen spray foam insulation used for. Maybe you have been thinking about how to do one of the below and now considered spray foam.

  • Scenery -> Movie Sets, Theatre Sets
  • Scenery -> Model Trains, Scalextric Scenery
  • Fish Tank Scenery
  • Rocks, Boulders, Rock Caves
  • Rock Waterfalls
  • Ponds
  • Tree Replicas
  • Polyurethane Moulds

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Industry Knowledge

FoamInstall have the best knowledge in market about foam insulation products and services. We are also backed by the UK #1 supplier of foam insulation Lapolla, because of this we provide the best service for foam insulation in the UK market.


We can install into a wide and varied range of applications; domestic, commercial, industrial and marine. Contact us with your project and we can provide advice on how to approach it and what the best product to use is.

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Our product has the longest guarantee that can be applied to a product in the UK market. A 25 year guarantee. While in the US where the product originates a lifetime guarantee is supplied, consequently we have the utmost faith in our product.

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