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Foam insulation has good sound proofing properties, it has a weighted sound absorption coefficient of 0.5 (scale 0->1.00) which puts it into class D (EN ISO 11654). Although foam insulation is not a dedicated sound proofing material has good properties that when combined with its other properties makes it superior compared to other products for its primary purpose of insulating.

Foam insulation can be used between stories in a building, laying it between the ceiling and floor boards to provide not only insulation for heat and cold but for sound too. If you are living in a flat or maisonette and you think that your neighbours are a little noisy (as I know I do!) then this could be an ideal product to reduce energy bills and the noise coming through from the neighbours.

To find out more about the insulating properties of our products or if you want to dig down into the ISO standards which the products are tested in line with check out the datasheets.


Industry Knowledge

FoamInstall have the best knowledge in market about foam insulation products and services. We are also backed by the UK #1 supplier of foam insulation Lapolla, because of this we provide the best service for foam insulation in the UK market.


We can install into a wide and varied range of applications; domestic, commercial, industrial and marine. Contact us with your project and we can provide advice on how to approach it and what the best product to use is.

Product Guarantee

Our product has the longest guarantee that can be applied to a product in the UK market. A 25 year guarantee. While in the US where the product originates a lifetime guarantee is supplied, consequently we have the utmost faith in our product.

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