Benefits of Foam Insulation with Solar Panels


The simple answer is that anyone can benefit from having foam insulation. It enables you to save up to 50% on energy bills.. and who wouldn’t want that? However, if you have solar panels there could be additional benefits that you could make the most of.

Part of the FIT (feed-in-tariff) scheme is that you can receive payments from your electricity supplier if you generate your own electricity. This is referred to as a ‘generation tariff’. The generation tariff is worked out for you based on a number of factors. These factors include; the size of your system, what technology is installed, when your system was installed and how energy efficient your home is.

The second part of the scheme involves selling unused electricity back to your electricity supplier. For this you get an ‘export tariff’.

Foam insulation can help boost the efficiency for both of these tariffs.

Generation Tariff

The 4th point is the most important here when it comes to improving the generation tariff. “How energy efficient your home is”. Foam insulation can improve energy efficiency in your home. It is a fact that foam insulation installed into the loft space alone can save up to 50% on your energy bills. Eliminating the heat lost through your roof resulting in lower heating bills, and lower cooling bills in summer as it keeps the warm air out.

This will result in a more efficient home for energy bills.

Export Tariff

If you are producing enough energy from your solar panel system to sell units back to your electricity provider foam insulation can help here. If you have a more energy efficient home then you will use less of your own power to heat and cool your house. This will result in being able to sell more units of power back to your electricity provider.


Combining the benefits from all of the above you would end up with the following

Reduced Energy Consumption

Less of your own power used (or if using your own and some from the grid you may be able to use just your own)

You may even be able to use so much less that you could sell some back to your electricity provider.



Energy Bill Savings

If you are using electricity from the grid you will save money here and may find yourself with some (or more) spare to now sell back.

If gas is part of your energy bills you could make savings here to combine with the savings already being made on electricity and the additional savings you could make with foam insulation.

Generation Tariff

Having a more energy efficient home could help to improve the generation tariff and you could receive more from your electricity provider for what you generate.


Export Tariff

You could be making some (or more) units to sell back to your electricity provider.


If you have solar panels, are you making the most out of what you could be getting from them?

If you feel that foam insulation could help to improve your situation and maybe make a little passive income along the way then speak to us today.